3T wheel technologies working for you

3T has two families of wheels: Discus, for disc-brake setups, and Orbis II, for traditional rim brakes.

Discus and Orbis have 25 mm wide rims that provide an ideal platform for today’s wider-section road and gravel tires. You can run these at lower inflation pressures, for better rider comfort and endurance, at no penalty to speed.

Team and Ltd wheels in both families have all-carbon-fiber rims (alloy for entry-level Discus Pro). All have up-to-date aerodynamic profiles, so you won’t be slowed by wind drag or thrown offline by gusts.

3T linear+ system unites the best all-round techniques for building robust, responsive, lightweight wheels that in normal use will give you years of riding pleasure.

Watch the video on the right to see how 3T wheel technologies work for you—or scroll down to read more!



3T Discus and Orbis II have 25 mm rims—the new, wider standard for today’s breed of fatter, lightweight tires.

A wider rim lets you run the latest, race-weight tires at lower pressure. The tire’s wider, shorter contact patch with the road surface gives you more grip and comfort than traditional narrow tires at high inflation pressures.

At the same time, 3T rims are aerodynamically profiled for low drag at typical yaw angles—in other words, for real-world, gusty winds.

This means with Discus and Orbit II you get

• more comfort
• better handling control
• less rolling resistance
• reduced incidence of punctures
• low and stable wind drag


3T linear+ system optimizes all-round build quality.

Discus and Orbis II have straight spokes that run directly from hub to nipple.

Spoke ends locate perfectly square in the purpose-designed hubs; and at the nipple end, the rim drillings are angled perfectly in line with the spoke.

Nipples are internal, so rim drillings are no wider than needed to pass the spoke through. This benefits strength, appearance, and aerodynamics.

Nipples are screwed on upside-down, bearing on the rim’s internal surface via a cup washer. This distributes the load evenly on the rim so spokes can safely be done up tighter.

Compared with traditional wheels built with J–bend spokes, 3T linear+ has

• better load distribution
• better spoke alignment
• less drag
• better durability


3T linear+ system is further enhanced in some models by asymmetric rims.

Front wheels with disc brakes, as well as rear wheels (with or without discs), have off-center hub flanges. On one side the spokes are at a steeper bracing angle, so they must be tensioned more.

3T asymmetric rim compensates for this by reducing the difference in bracing angle between the two sides. Spoke tensioning is more equal to either side, making a better-performing, more resilient wheelset with better lateral stiffness. Linear+ ensures that rim drillings are perfectly aligned to meet these demanding mechanical requirements.

Both the 58 mm and the 32 mm rims have an asymmetric structure and double-angled spoke drillings, for a perfectly balanced wheelset.

Additionally, 3T Discus and Orbis II hubs have double-cross spokes on both sides. Opposite spokes on the same side are perpendicular to each another, so directly opposed. This equalises spoke load under torque for better power transfer without spoke wind-up—a key benefit when braking is effected at the hub, as well as when accelerating.

Taken together, these measures result in

• reduced wheel dish
• reduced L-R spoke-tension difference
• greater lateral strength
• optimal torque transfer
• minimal spoke wind-up when braking and accelerating


3T Discus and Orbis II hubs have a light-alloy, oversize spindle with modular end-caps.

The modular end-caps allow you to easily change from quick-release to thru-axle, and back again. You can use your 3T wheelset on several bikes of different configurations:

QR 100 mm or TA 15 x 100 mm
QR 135 mm
TA 135 x 12 mm
TA 142 x 12 mm


3T’s mastery of carbon-fiber design and manufacture lets us produce the most advanced rims in the business.

3T Discus and Orbis II rims are built of top-grade carbon-fiber (high-modulus in Ltd models), with proprietary resins custom-formulated for each product.

Manufacture involves high-accuracy lamination and high-pressure, low-temperature, long-cycle curing times. Production flow is traced from raw materials to finished product for end-to-end quality assurance.

As a result, 3T rims have

• exceptional strength-to-weight ratio
• superb impact resistance
• extended service life