Every 3T design starts with a clean sheet.

Our base is a Zen clarity; a laser-like focus on best engineering practice; and lateral thinking that tests every possibility.

3T built the Intelligent Product Lifecycle (IPL), the bike industry’s most advanced design platform, to answer that challenge. Devised by an ex-Ferarri engineer, 3T IPL integrates the software design-and-build technologies utilized by airframe and race-car designers with a product test regime far exceeding normal standards.

3T made its name as a pioneer of new, lightweight materials.That tradition continues with today’s materials, carbon composites. F1 race-car design has shown the way forward, and at 3T we know about that: the mastery of carbon fiber is our core competence.

Aerodynamics are a critical success factor for all cyclists who want to ride faster. 3T goes beyond making parts that go faster. Our aim is to make parts that make the rider faster. The numbers we get from our wind tunnel sessions are not theoretical, they describe how our aero designs help the real-world rider perform better.

Safety is at the heart of our product design. Riders always want lighter and faster, but this can never be at the expense of safety. We test our components to destruction – so you never have to.

The final stage in the product Lifecycle is the reality test: riding the component. Whatever the numbers say, it has to feel right to the rider. That’s why 3T is a keen supporter of world-class cycle sport – because competition drives better component design.

3T sponsors top riders in road racing, triathlon, cyclocross, track, and MTB. Our sponsored athletes expect the best. Their judgment is unsparing. We rely on them to tell us how 3T components can be better still.

And that goes for everyone who rides 3T. We look to you to tell us how we can do better.