Technical Details

Weight:245 g (45 cm)
Width:42/45 cm; 44/47 cm
Clamp:31.8 mm ∅
Material:AL 7075
Drop:127 mm
Reach:89 mm
Finish:Shot peened/Black anodized


Product Information


Ergoterra is a wide drop bar for cyclocross, with flared drops for elbow clearance on rough ground, and a reinforced central section for crosstop levers. It has the same compact drop and reach as Ergosum, tailored to provide more control over technical terrain:

  • Viewed from above, the drops angle outwards by 6°
  • 45 cm model is 42 cm at the hoods (47 cm model, 44 cm)
  • Compound-curved bends preserve the vertical alignment of brake/shifter levers at their mounting point, so outward flare does not alter shifters’ ergonomics
  • 31.8 mm center section of bar is extended and reinforced to mount crosstop brake levers
  • On rough ground that jostles the rider’s handhold, Ergoterra offers more lateral clearance for the forearms, helpful for run-ups

Ergoterra Pro is built in AL 7075 alloy and finished Shot Peened/ Anodized Black.

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