Technical Details

Basebar Material: HM Carbon
Extension: S- bend
Extension material: Carbon
Cradle Material: Alloy
Cradle Type: New comfort
Clamp Diameter: 31.8+0.1/0.2 mm
Width: C-C 38 cm
Pads: Neoprene
Weight in min stack: 725 g
Weight in max stack: 850 g


Product Information


Vola Ltd is the top model of the award-winning Vola range — the most adjustable aerobar ever!

At 38 cm wide, it’s narrower by 4 cm than entry-level Vola Pro. The aero-optimized basebar is built in HM carbon fiber, cutting all-up weight by up to 20%. To get the super-low position favored by crono specialists, extension clamps also fit below the basebar. A light, stiff bridge cross-braces the extensions for totally rigid, shake-free set-up. Comfort, control, and security even for the longest TT!

Extensions adjust three ways for perfect fit. Armpad stack height above the stem centerline ranges from 30 mm in the low position to 97 mm using all the included spacers in the top-mounted position. Width between the New Comfort arm pads ranges 220–340 mm, measured at pad’s outer edge. Armpad reach can be set 20–70 mm ahead of the basebar center, measured at pad front edge. And like Vola Pro, the arm pads rotate in their clamps. All-up weight of Vola Ltd is just 725 g in the low configuration.