Women athletes are no different than men.
Some want to excel, others just to do well. What all want, is to enjoy the sport you chose. And key to enjoyable cycling is good bike fit. That goes for the occasional rider equally as the élite racer.

Women are a different shape than men, so they need different bike fit. Or do they?

Not really. Top women racers say there's no such thing as 'women-specific' bike fit. There's just good bike fit. Ergonomic studies confirm this. Women are on average smaller than men: for good fit, smaller people need smaller-sized components.

That's one reason 3T's range extends broadly across all shapes and sizes, comprising many components ideally suited to smaller riders:
  • Shorter stems  Our ARX range of stems starts at 7 cm length, in both ±6° and ±17° versions. Shorter PRO, TEAM, and LTD edition stems are of identical quality to the 'racing' lengths, so there's no compromise here.
  • Right-sized drop bars  The ERGONOVA bar comes in 38 cm and 40 cm widths, measured across the drops. A 6° flare from the tops means it's 1.6 cm narrower across the hoods. Many customers say it's the most comfortable bar they ever rode. Some of them ride for pro teams, and are men.
  • Scaled tri bars  Our AURA PRO tri bar has a 40-cm basebar suited to smaller physiques. The super-value package includes highly adjustable S-bend extensions. Team with an ARX stem to configure your bike's front end to perfection.
  • Track sprint bars  Go narrower still! The all-conquering SCATTO bar started life at a narrow 37 cm. Our testers asked us for narrower still. Now the 35-cm version equips the women's sprint world champion.
  • One bar does it all!  The innovative ZEFIRO, fusing the road rider's drop bar and the triathlete's  aerobar, also comes in the 40 cm size. Shallow, flared drops make it easy to move between the Pi Wing extension and the drops.
Of course, the products we have for you today are not the whole story. We consult with top women athletes on new product development and pay close attention to their feedback. And as it happens, our FEA lead – a key engineering role – is a woman. Should that matter? You tell us!
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