Our values: clarity, focus, new thinking. 3T made its name as a pioneer of new, lightweight materials. That tradition lives on. Every new 3T product design starts with a clean sheet. Our base is a Zen clarity; a laser-like focus on best engineering practice; and lateral thinking that tests every possibility.
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Fit for purpose
Women athletes are no different than men. Some want to excel, others just to do well. What all want, is to enjoy the sport you chose. And key to enjoyable cycling is good bike fit. That goes for all riders equally. Women are a different shape than men, so they need different bike fit. Or do they?
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Now, carbon-fiber bikes are mainstream. But it's taken a while. The aerospace industry pioneered composite design and manufacture as long ago as the 1970s. Soon, sports-car builders started to experiment with it. In 1981 McLaren became the first F1 team to race an all-composite race car chassis.
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Aerodynamics are critically important. Drag slows you down. The faster you are, the more drag slows you down: aerodynamic advantage wins races. Our mix of creative engineering and methodical wind-tunnel development serves us well when we set about any new-product design.
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