3T Aura Pro Cervélo Custom Edition aerobars recall
On April 25, 2013, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with 3T announced a voluntary recall of all Aura Pro Cervélo Custom Edition bicycle aerobars. (Official CPSC/3T press release here).

These aerobars were fitted as original equipment only to certain Cervélo 2013-model bicycles, which are listed below. The recall involves replacing the bolts that attach the extension clamps to the basebar.

The recalled Cervélo Custom Edition aerobar that is part of these bikes' standard equipment has wider armrests than the standard Aura Pro. Armrests have 4 cradle-clamp bolt locations. (Standard Aura Pro armrests have only one cradle-clamp bolt location). It was supplied in only one version and color, finished in gloss black with a white 3T logo on the basebar's top surface.
Who's affected: Customers who have bicycles fitted with Aura Pro Cervélo Custom Edition aerobars should stop riding them at once and contact 3T for the required safety upgrade. We will send you a kit of 4 longer replacement bolts. You pay nothing for this kit.

How to identify the bar: This recall involves only Aura Pro Cervélo Custom Edition aerobars supplied on these 2013-model bikes:
  • Cervélo P3 with Shimano Ultegra
  • Cervélo P5 Three with SRAM Red
These are 2013 models and were sold as complete bikes from September 2012 to January 2013.

Only special Aura PRO aerobars on Cervélo bikes are affected. Those bars can be identified by 3 characteristics which are shown below:

1. Clamps: These bars have wider clamps which allow for 3 different width adjustments of the armrests

2. Extensions: These bars come with ski-bend extensions

3. Pads: These pads come with comfort pads which are bigger and do NOT have a 3T logo embossed

What to do now: Complete the form below. 3T will send a replacement bolt kit for you to fit. If you do not wish to fit it yourself, choose to have it fitted by a 3T dealer. You pay nothing for this service.

Why it’s needed: The clamps that attach the handlebar extensions to the basebar can become detached during use, posing a fall or injury hazard to the rider. One such incident has been reported to 3T, with minor injury to the adult rider.

How it works: Every replacement bolt kit comes with fitting instructions. Fitting the bolts requires basic mechanical skill. It is recommended that a torque wrench be used to tighten the bolts. If you are not confident of successfully carrying out this work, please ask a professional mechanic.

Please review the replacement instructions before starting work.
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Questions you might ask
What should I do if I have one of these bars on my bike?
Please complete the form above or call toll-free at +1.800.223.3207 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday to receive a free bolt replacement kit.

We realize this is inconvenient for you, and we’re truly sorry to put you to the trouble. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. That’s why we’ve put this voluntary recall program in place, so you can get going again on the bike with the least disruption to your cycling plans.

All qualifying owners can get a replacement bolt kit free of charge. Owners can install the new bolts themselves, or take their bike to a Cervélo dealer to replaceme them. Owners do not have to pay the dealer for carrying out this work.

Full instructions on replacing the bolts, click here.

How do I identify my bar if I need to replace the bolts
Bars which are affected can be identified by the clamps, pads and extensions. Bars are equipped with wide clamps which offer 3 possibilities of mounting your armrests, like on picture one. Arm rest pads are of our Comfort Shape. They do NOT have a 3T logo embossed, as on picture two. The bars in addition are with ski-extensions, as on picture 3.

How can I tell if the problem has already been corrected on my AURA aerobars?
3T and Cervélo had already replaced affected bolts on stock bikes. It may be that your bike already have seen retrofitting. If you have a bar of that specification on a Cervelo bike or from a Cervelo bike but you are not sure about the bolt length, please remove one bolt and measure its length. The bolt length is defined by the shaft length of the bolt, excluding the head. Affected bolts are of 35mm length, replacements are of 45mm length.

I bought my Cervélo in a different country – do I have to get the replacement kit from them?
No, please complete the form above to receive your replacement grips or call toll-free at +1.800.223.3207 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday.
Check if your Cervélo is part of the recall
To see if your Aura bars are included in this recall, please enter the serial number of your Cervélo bicycleRequired
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